September 27, 2023
Emphasis on Free Trade Agreement from Özer Matlı Emphasis on Free Trade Agreement from Özer Matlı

Emphasis on Free Trade Agreement from Özer Matlı

TOBB Board Member and Turkey-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce Forum, Co-President Özer Matlin, noting that trade relations between the two countries develop day by day, “Turkey-Ukraine Free Trade commercial relations with the signing of the Treaty of our more solid ground We will be crossed, “he said.

BURSA (IGF a) – Turkey-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce Forum Joint Board Meeting, Co-Chair of Turkish Party and TOBB Board Member of the Ukrainian Party Ozer Matlin spouse It took place in a virtual environment under the co-chairmanship of its President Sergiy Savchuk. To the meeting; Turkey’s Ambassador to Ukraine Andrii Sybih, Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vice President Valeriy Korol attended. Kiev Turkey’s Ambassador to rain Ahmed Güldere the video message sent to the meeting, gave information about Turkey-Ukraine relations.

Speaking at the opening of the meeting Co-President Özer Matlin, Turkey and Ukraine met in many common platforms, the two countries He emphasized that the commercial relations between them are developing day by day. There are about 700 Turkish firms in Ukraine and said, indicating that an investment of $ 3.6 billion Ozer Matlin, “Turkey, the last 5-year period in the country in a position to invest more in Ukraine. The total value of 7 billion dollars finds more than 200 projects of Turkish contractors have been signed between Ukraine and set the target var.türki with a trade volume of $ 10 billion in Ukraine. We see the implementation Free Trade Agreement for realization of these goals is vital, “he said.

The Ukrainian Party Co-Chairman Sergiy Savchuk established bilateral relations between Turkey and the Ukrainian Trade and Industry Chamber Forum between the two countries, trade and investment He said he would work to improve. {2nd}

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