April 2, 2023
Ejder Turizm came to Bursa Ejder Turizm came to Bursa

Ejder Turizm came to Bursa

regulates tour to Turkey from South America and Asian countries, the Istanbul-based Dragon Ishtar, opened a new location in Özlüce tourism in Bursa Inc. has struck a deal with tourism. Bursa residents will now be much closer to South America and Asia tours.

BURSA (İGFA) – Stating that they have acquired the Ejder Turizm Bursa and Region Exclusive Sales Agency, İştur Founding Partner Hüseyin İşcan, “Until today, we were providing plane and accommodation services to tourism. With this agreement, we agreed with Ejder Turizm, one of the important organizers of our country for both South America and Asian countries.

Deputy General Manager of Ejder Turizm Ozan Meydan made it after the agreement. In the statement, “Bursa residents no longer need to come to Istanbul and take a tour. We had a quiet celebration due to the pandemic. We are at your disposal for the tours of South America and Asian countries from today. ”

Ejder Tourism Deputy General Manager Ozan Meydan, Operations Manager Faruk Gündoğdu, company employees Gülşah Baki Köknaroğlu, Eda Sirkecibaba and İştur co-founder Hüseyin İşcan, Burcu İşcan, İştur Tourism Operations Manager Hakan Sakarya and Ticket Department Manager Can Ekentok attended.

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