December 5, 2023
Efeler’s Book Cafe opened Efeler's Book Cafe opened

Efeler’s Book Cafe opened

The Book Café, which was brought to life with the order of Aydın’s Efeler Mayor M. Fatih Atay, was put into service.

Efeler Mayor M. Fatih Atay also implemented the Book Cafe project. Book Café, which was opened with intense participation by taking pandemic measures, was put into service of the citizens. Stating that they want to ensure the development of children in the field of education by building a book cafe not only in Adnan Menderes District, but also in many neighborhoods of Efeler, Mayor Atay said, “At the same time, I am ready to do all kinds of work necessary for our women to contribute to family budgets by creating environments that will enable them to increase their manual skills.


Mayor of Efeler M. Fatih Atay stated that the book cafe will be open between 09:00 and 02:00 as long as it is not stuck with pandemic restrictions. “For the safety of our students who want to work at night hours, our staff will be transferred to their homes. We have created an area where our young people can study and study. We have provided all the necessary environment for education, from book archives to computer fields. We will make all the necessary initiatives to make our citizens gain the habit of reading books. We will bring our citizens such as artists and writers to our book cafes and make them an example by reading books. We have also done the necessary work for our disabled citizens. With the WC, the stairs and the computers on the ground floor, our disabled citizens will also work comfortably and peacefully. ”

Noting that they want to reach more citizens, Atay said, if the closed schools are given to the municipality, the teachers can reach the women and children in the village. President M Fatih Atay reminded that they made the primary school in Serçeköy a cultural center.


He said, “Our people enjoy the happiness of being together and exchanging culture, our women need it very much, if they are happy, there will never be a fight thanks to our women who are the pillars of the house.”

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