December 5, 2023
Education begins in 6 disinfected schools in Gemlik Education begins in 6 disinfected schools in Gemlik

Education begins in 6 disinfected schools in Gemlik

Bursa’s Gemlik Municipality has completed disinfection procedures in six schools where face-to-face education will begin.

BURSA (İGFA) – As of February 15, face-to-face education will start in a limited number of schools. had been reported. Gemlik Municipality Health Affairs Directorate disinfected the schools where the education will start on Fridays and Saturdays, making them healthy and safe for students, away from the danger of viruses.

Gemlik Municipality teams, in addition to the classrooms in six schools in the district, corridors and stairs with common areas. , sinks and other spots in detail. Schools where precautions were taken against the danger of viruses and epidemics were made ready for education.

As of Monday, February 15, in our country, according to the decision of the Ministry of National Education, “unified classroom practice is carried out in all of the schools, villages and similar sparsely populated settlements, Province and In line with the decisions to be taken by the District Sanitation Boards in cooperation with the Provincial and District National Education Directorates, face-to-face education will be started 5 days a week in all primary schools, secondary schools, all independent kindergartens and special education kindergartens.


In Gemlik, the schools where face-to-face education will begin are as follows: Umurbey Abdullah Fehmi Primary and Secondary School, Kumla Ali Kütahya Primary and Secondary School, Kurşunlu Nursel Çağlar Primary and Secondary School, Kurtul Şehit Cem Üner Elementary and Secondary School, Engürucuk Primary and Secondary Schools and Zübeyde Hanım Kindergarten.

Approximately one thousand students will do each lesson in these schools.

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