December 6, 2023
‘Dynamic audit’ work in Mardin 'Dynamic audit' work in Mardin

‘Dynamic audit’ work in Mardin

Within the scope of the circular on ‘Dynamic Control Process’ sent to 81 provincial governorships by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an audit was made for the coronavirus measures with the participation of Mardin Governor Mahmut Demirtaş.

MARDİN (IGFA) – Coronavirus Risk Following the initiation of the controlled normalization process in Mardin, which is among the low-risk provinces according to its map, Governor Mahmut Demirtaş carried out inspections on the historical First Avenue. Before the upcoming tourism season, Governor Demirtaş reminded the operators and citizens of the masks, social distance and hygiene rules to continue the gains and chatted for a while with the tradesmen during the inspections.

In the normalization process, although Mardin is in a good state. In order not to lose these gains, including those gains, Governor Demirtaş advised the tradesmen and citizens to be more sensitive and obey the rules. Dr. Saffet Yavuz accompanied him.

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