September 27, 2023
Downsizing decision of Ford sacked 50 people in Bitlis Downsizing decision of Ford sacked 50 people in Bitlis

Downsizing decision of Ford sacked 50 people in Bitlis

50 personnel working in Ford Aydınlar Auto Maintenance and Repair Authorized Service in Bitlis’s Tatvan district became unemployed due to Ford Otosan A.Ş.’s unilateral termination of its contract on the grounds of downsizing.


Aydınlar Automotive Industry and Trade Limited Company Official in Bitlis Karşıyaka District, Faruk Aydın, first shared the situation with the service employees and then made a press release.

Ford Tatvan Aydınlar Service Officer Faruk Aydın, who claimed that .Ş. had taken an unlawful and unlawful decision, said that the downsizing decision had been hidden from them for years, so they lost millions of lira and 50 personnel were unemployed.

COVID received Making a press statement in front of the service building with the personnel within the framework of 19 precautions and security measures, Faruk Aydın said, “We spent 16 million lira in the second half of 2016 and started service here. By conducting a good service, we reached the 16th place in the country in a year and a half. At the same time, we increased the turnover and increased the number of employees from 17 to 50. After the completion of our one and a half years, we were informed at the beginning of 2018 that we will be closed with the notice sent to us by Ford Otosan.

“Ford Otosan took the downsizing decision in 2013, and they gave us here in the second half of 2016, but they hid this downsizing decision from us,” Aydın said. The ownership of this place and our other expenses total 16 million lira. We have not made this investment for a year and a half. For this reason, we did not accept these decisions. This time, they made some impositions on us. First of all, they invited us to a meeting at the headquarters in Istanbul. At the meeting, they said, “We will close 40 services with a ration to be created by researching a 5-year history of each service.” We told them that we do not have a 5-year history, but that we are a new and successful company. They told us, “You are right, but Ford Otosan, we have to implement our downsizing policy as the decision it took before you bought it.” We said to them, ‘If you had such a decision, why didn’t you tell us this’. If you told us, we would not buy this place, we would not make this investment, we would not invest that much for a year and a half. They asked me to sign the acknowledgment protocol they sent me. When I don’t agree, tell me ‘This is a type of protocol that all services sign, you have to sign it, we have the authority to shut you down whether you sign or not. We want to help you make a decision in the administration, “they made you sign it under pressure. My precedent was that they forced us to shut down even though there were services in the decision to shut down but were not closed. When we refused, they asked us to buy dealers in our region this time. First they said buy the dealership in Bitlis, we said okay to him. This time, they forced us to take the dealer and service in Van. When we refused to accept, they went to impose it when they said that we could not afford it. ”

In the press release, employees made a statement to the journalists saying that they would be unemployed if the company was shut down and they would be unable to bring bread to their homes and asked the authorities to help them.

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