April 2, 2023
Doping for women in Aydın from the Municipality Doping for women in Aydın from the Municipality

Doping for women in Aydın from the Municipality

Aydın Metropolitan Municipality, while continuing its positive discrimination against women, also gave priority to the gum sheep and mastic coach grants. With the project, the municipality paved the way for dozens of women to start sheep farming and earn additional income.

Aydın (İGFA) – Within the scope of the “Family Type Sheep Breeding Project”, in the past years, women were given priority to the mastic sheep Aydın Metropolitan Municipality has continued this tradition this year as well. While 2 females and 1 male gum sheep with high productivity were donated to women who will begin sheep farming, she also donated gum coach to female producers who want to grow their herd and transfer to the gum breed.
Emphasizing that Aydın is a “Women Friendly City”, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Özlem Framioğlu reminded that women who want to turn to production are by their side and said, “Let our women stand on their own feet and be strong against life. “The development of a country and a city is measured by the inclusion of its women more in life.”


Mayor Framioğlu reminded that when they took office in 2014, they entrusted the “Yellow Chicks”, the new municipal buses, to the female drivers. We enabled hundreds of women to earn additional income. Most of our women had their children educated with the earnings they earned here. We also supported women’s cooperatives both for their establishment and for opening up to new markets. We made Aydın even more beautiful by purchasing flowers produced by our flower-producing women and planting them in parks and gardens throughout Aydın. This way, our women were able to reach the door of earning and stand on their own feet, ”he said.

Mayor Framioğlu underlined that the projects that treat women with positive discrimination will continue in the coming days in the “Women Friendly City” Aydın. {2nd}

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