December 5, 2023
Denizli City Council continues online talks Denizli City Council continues online talks

Denizli City Council continues online talks

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council talked about the 21st century capabilities and achievements within the scope of online interviews.

DENİZLİ (İGFA) – Online programs organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council continues. The guest of the online conversation program was Serkut Kızanlıklı, the educational designer and professional coach.

City Council President Ali Değirmenci, City Council General Secretary Baran Akın and guests attended the program. Stating that the activities of the City Council continue regularly online with the pandemic, City Council President Değirmenci stated that they carry out at least two programs online a week and said, “I am very pleased with this program where 21st century competencies are discussed, especially of our youth. Young brother of our question marks in the future head you’ll find a very nice way to respond, and I’m sure it will be useful, “he said.

The Professional coaches Serkut Kızanlıkl, said it was a turning point in the history of March 11, 2020 in terms of living in Turkey. Describing the concept of competence as the expertise of a person in a field, Kızanlıklı shared his knowledge on the concept of competence with the guests and said, “You should transform your knowledge, skill and behavior on top of your ability. Competence is to put that ability into behavior together with information ”.

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