December 6, 2023
Dam good news from Öznur Çalık Dam good news from Öznur Çalık

Dam good news from Öznur Çalık

AK Party Central Decision Board Member and Malatya Deputy Öznur Çalık said that 28,300 decares of agricultural land in Malatya’s Yazihan district will come to life with the Boztepe Recai Kutan Dam.

MALATYA (İGFA) – AK Party Malatya Deputy Öznur Çalık reminded that the Boztepe Recai Kutan Dam, whose foundation was laid in the 1990s and the body part of which was completed in 2012, was given water to the agricultural lands in 2018 for the first time, and 92 thousand 300 decares of 120 thousand 600 thousand decares of land met with water.


Öznur Çalık is required by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and State Hydraulic Works (DSI) to irrigate the remaining 28 thousand 300 decares of land by pumping. He stated that they had negotiations and that they were included in the investment program and that the piped network line and electricity transmission line works will be done within the scope of this work, which costs approximately 100 million TL. Çalık emphasized that 15 million 500 thousand TL was allocated to the dam in the first place for this year and stated that he contributed 83 million TL to the country’s economy last year.

Deputy Çalık emphasized that dams, ponds and irrigation facilities are very important for development. He said that 405 thousand 160 decares of agricultural land was opened to irrigation with the irrigation facilities in Malatya in 18 years, and that the income of farmers increased by 255 million lira annually.

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