December 6, 2023
Customer emphasis from educator Zeynep Lembet Customer emphasis from educator Zeynep Lembet

Customer emphasis from educator Zeynep Lembet

With the support of the Ministry of Trade, the second online training was held within the scope of the Uludağ Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association (UYMSİB) Bursa Black Fig Ur-Ge Project. Dr. Zeynep Lembet said that customers should be better known than brothers.

Marketing Strategies and Brand Management Consultant and Trainer Dr. The training given by Zeynep Lembet and Digital Marketing Specialist Emre Recber to the participants of the companies in the Ur-Ge cluster was attended by UYMSİB Vice President Prof. Dr. Senih Yazgan attended. Within the scope of the study, the subject of ‘Agricultural Branding and Digital Promotion’ was comprehensively discussed in the training held online for 3 days.


Speaking at the beginning of the training, Vice President of UYMSİB Prof. Dr. Senih Yazgan said, “Bursa Black Fig is a special and important product that has no rival in the world market identified with our city and has no limit in its exports. Therefore, the production, promotion and marketing of this product needs to be further improved. Our Association carries out various activities in order to support Bursa Black Fig to increase its competitiveness in international markets and to enable our members to act together in international competition areas at home and abroad. Although we cannot be together due to the pandemic in order to ensure the continuity of this, we continue our online meetings. ”


Trainer Dr. Zeynep Lembet pointed out that it is essential to measure the changing consumer profiles in order to develop marketing strategies suitable for them. Lembet, “If you are in a market where everyone is present, you must measure. There is no such thing as “I think”, you have to measure everything. Because new socio-economic layers were formed, new consumer profiles developed. There have been many changes especially during the pandemic period, so it is necessary to measure again how we will address the consumer. The success of marketing managers depends largely on recognizing the markets in which they will operate and clearly determining the characteristics and size of the markets. ”

Speaking of marketing mixes, Lembet said,“ Distribution network, positioning and price are very important in the marketing concept. These must go in sync. Even if your product is great and your price is great, you will not be successful if you cannot establish the distribution network and deliver it to the consumer in equal time, if you cannot set the price. Many brands remained in the air because they could not do these and they were erased from today. ”


Lembet, who told the companies ‘You should know your customer better than your brother’. He concluded: “Now, the customer expects completely different things from the products. He wants the most of everything, questions the most, and wants the same service he receives elsewhere. Personal designs and productions came to the fore. We want it to offer us a benefit even when buying the staple foodstuff bread. The brand should care about these values. If you do not do all these, you will continue as an ordinary brand. You should know your customer very well, even better than your brother. Customer behavior is not just buying behavior, there is a lot of motivation under it, they should not be ignored. ”

Digital Marketing the next day The digital branding and digital marketing processes of the companies were explained by his expert Emre Recber. The 3-day training ended with a question and answer session.

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