April 2, 2023
“COVID-19 taught supply chain and logistics” "COVID-19 taught supply chain and logistics"

“COVID-19 taught supply chain and logistics”

It was emphasized that the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic and the global interventions against the pandemic should take action on flexibility.

BURSA (IGFA) – International supply chain giant Brambles Group ‘ Established in Australia as a part of the COVID-19 pandemic, CHEP drew attention to the treatment chain management, which has become more important. CHEP Europe President David Cuenca said that global supply chains are exhibiting an extraordinary process of service, even under the worst conditions. “Transporters, manufacturers, transport equipment suppliers and everyone involved in bringing products to the shelves have learned that the supply chain and logistics are essential in this process,” said European President Cuenca, evaluating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the supply chain, and the unpredictability of the pandemic and the global response to the pandemic. He emphasized that he should not only talk about flexibility, but also act.


At CHEP, Cuenca always said that they believe that the future of supply chain management will be possible with more cooperation, and stated that COVID-19 proved this idea with a real life scenario. Cuenca said it was this collaboration that enabled the creation of a better planet in achieving common sustainability goals.

On the other hand, Cuenca said that the pandemic process has also changed the purchasing habits of consumers, and stated that curfew restrictions and closed stores are driving people to e-commerce and that they are confident that the digital-centered shopping habit will continue in 2021 and beyond.

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