December 5, 2023
COVID-19 shock in Bursaspor! COVID-19 shock in Bursaspor!

COVID-19 shock in Bursaspor!

Bursaspor Club announced that the results of the two players were positive after the COVID-19 tests conducted before the Menemenspor match to be played tomorrow.

BU RSA (İGFA) – TFF 1 There was a positive case shock in Bursaspor, one of the league teams. Sharing the results of the COVID-19 tests to the public before the Menemenspor match, which will be played in Bursa at 19:00 tomorrow evening, the club management announced that the values ​​of two footballers were positive in the information they made on their official pages. The club announced that those who tested positive were taken into isolation and their treatment was initiated.

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