December 5, 2023
Construction industry in Aydın is bleeding Construction industry in Aydın is bleeding

Construction industry in Aydın is bleeding

of the high mortgage interest rates had a negative impact on the construction sector in Turkey. Mustafa Kaçar, who serves the construction sector in Aydın, said that the high interest rates on housing loans reduced his purchasing power and therefore disrupted the sector.


{ 1} The construction sector in Aydın is negatively affected by the high housing loan interest rates. Evaluating the construction industry, Sursan Metal A.Ş. Efor Steel Door Operations Manager, Mustafa Kaçar, said that the rise in housing loan interest rates negatively affected our construction industry and that the purchasing power of citizens also decreased. Noting that the costs are rising, Kaçar said, “The money earned until the contractors finish the project and buy the house is the cost of the construction they make. Where is this profit? It has disappeared in the calculation of inflation and cost. ”


Stating that many contractors do not start new projects due to high interest rates, Kaçar continued his evaluations as follows: {2 }

“There is a mystery whether the house can be sold when the interest rates are high. A decent 2 + 1 house with a decent kitchen and a decent kitchen is 350 thousand lira, and 3 + 1 house is 500 thousand lira. When you say that it had a pool, a landscape, a parking lot in the site, there are no apartments for less than 650, 700 thousand liras. How will these houses be bought with high housing loan interest rates and costs? Our state had pulled the housing loan interest rates at 0.64 and again rose above 1.40. The state should reduce interest rates on housing loans again, fix this and continue in a stable manner. Even if the interest rates are lowered to 0.50 after instability, it only saves that day. When we have this stability, the people buy and sell houses and don’t be afraid of it ”.

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