September 27, 2023
Configuration balance from Melikgazi Configuration balance from Melikgazi

Configuration balance from Melikgazi

The President of Melikgazi Municipality of Kayseri, Dr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu announced the number of taxpayers who applied to restructure their debts.

KAYSERİ (İGFA) – Stating that both the state and the citizens profit in the restructuring of public receivables, President Dr. Palancıoğlu made the following statement regarding the issue: “First of all, applications regarding the structuring of debts of those who are indebted to our Municipality have been started. The taxpayers who have real estate tax, environmental cleaning tax and other debts applied to our municipality in person. 26 thousand 927 taxpayers who owed our Municipality benefited from the opportunities of this law. A total of 38 million 319 thousand liras of income was obtained. Everyone wins in this configuration. Stating that 18 thousand 600 people paid at once, the remaining taxpayers made installments. ”

Mayor Dr. Palancıoğlu stated that citizens who have debt to Melikgazi Municipality were given the opportunity to benefit from the restructuring, and thanked Melikgazi for their sensitivity. added.

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