September 24, 2023
Common Reyhanî music in 5 languages Common Reyhanî music in 5 languages

Common Reyhanî music in 5 languages

Common Reyhanî Music of 5 languages ​​”City of religions and languages” In Mardin, Reyhanî music has been giving life to the same notes and melodies for centuries as a “universal language” that can bring people from different religions and languages ​​together.

Reyhanî’s music, which has an important place in the music culture of the people in Mardin, where 7 religions and 7 languages ​​are spoken, has been Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Syriac, Armenian for 300 years. It went down in history as the local culture and play performed together with a common music played in 5 different languages.

The President of Mardin Reyhani Association and the Founding President of Reyhani Music Group, Mehmet Fidan said, He said that socialization has become the most important means of maintaining neighborly relations and common life.

Stating that Reyhani Music is not known by whom it was composed, Fidan said, “The cultural accumulation and diversity of Mardin for thousands of years is also reflected in the music culture. Reyhani music has been performed in Mardin for 300 years. It is known as “Hafne” by day and “Leyli” by night, in the format of “Row Night.” It is a musical work played only in Mardin city center in the world. “At least 1 person and a maximum of 2 people play games accompanied by Reyhanî Music.”


Stating that Mardin shows great interest in the world with its distinctive Reyhani music as well as different cultures, religions and languages, Fidan said, “ Tunes come to life with colorful instruments such as violin, oud, cümbüş, ribab, qanun, darbuka, and def in Mardin, where courtyards are lively with various melodies and an instrument is always hung in every house. Reyhanî music, which is indispensable for weddings and special days, stands out as a game played with pleasure by every Mardinite from 7 to 70. Actually reyhani is the name of the music, not the game. “The game is called the reyhani game because it is a game that is played with reyhani music.”


In order to keep Reyhanî music alive, especially the traditional Leyli nights. Stating that he is one of the most important carriers of this culture, Fidan said, “As Leyli, which has a history of hundreds of years, is about to be forgotten, we are reviving the Mardin museum within the scope of the protection and preservation of intangible cultural heritage elements. Reyhani Music with a few friends in 2003 to revive Reyhani music. We established the group. The Reyhani Group, which consists of some tradesmen, some workers and some civil servants, gave concerts in many countries of the world in a short time. We gave local music and Reyhani music concert in 5-6 languages ​​in America, Sweden, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Germany, Cyprus and many European countries. We bring people from language and religion together with the universal language of music. “Leyli, who carries the cultural and entertainment life of the city to the present day without corruption, provides important data about Mardin music culture as well as maintaining the cultural richness and entertainment habits of the region.”

The bride and groom are mutually exclusive to Mardin. Emphasizing that Reyhani, whom they play with rhythm, is among the indispensables of Mardin with its grace, Fidan said, “With Reyhanî music, games are played by at least 1 person and maximum 2 people. In many TV series shot in Mardin, there is the scene of the Reyhani play accompanied by absolute Reyhani music for the actors. The music of the region, which has spread over a wide geography throughout history, is still sung in Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Syriac, and Armenian. And it makes an important contribution to the coexistence of different cultures, religions, languages, culture and the preservation of cultural diversity. ”


Mardin music culture Mardin Noting that it is shaped by its cultural diversity and richness, Fidan conveyed the following information: “Reyhanî music, unique to Mardin, is a type of individual play played with hands in the air, palms open, kneeling, as“ the symbol of prayer to Allah ”. Reyhani music emerged from a mixture of Andalusian, Arab, Syriac, Kurdish, Turkish and Persian music. Naming the music “Reyhanî” according to some, those who play with this music shake like a plant of Reyhan; According to some, it enchants people mentally, physically and spiritually by using body language like the Reyhan plant, which still decorates every home’s garden with its scent. ”


{1 } Stating that they are trying to revive the traditional Mardin Music Culture, which is one of the intangible cultural heritage elements of Mardin, with Leyli Music sessions held for a few years at the Mardin Museum, Fidan said, . “Leyli Music Sessions”, one of the most beautiful examples of thousands of years of coexistence and collective entertainment culture, we re-enact the Mardin melodies performed in five languages ​​(Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish, Syriac and Armenian) by Reyhani Music Team. Leyli comes to life in Muse Kitchen, which hosts the most peaceful and tranquil state of tasting the unique flavors of Mesopotamian cuisine and which carries the spirit of another time with its elaborately designed space ”

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