May 31, 2023
CHP’s Karabıyık: “2.5 million students cannot access EBA” CHP's Karabıyık: "2.5 million students cannot access EBA"

CHP’s Karabıyık: “2.5 million students cannot access EBA”

CHP Vice President of Education Policies and Bursa Deputy Prof. Dr. Lale Karabıyık shared data on access to distance education. Prof. Dr. Karabıyık, claimed that about 2.5 million students EBA to reach.

BURSA (IGF A) – According to Ministry of Education data across Turkey 2.4 million students noted that the EBA access CHP Vice President of Education Policies and Bursa Deputy Prof. Dr. Tulips Karabıyık, who is among the countries most vulnerable have access to education by Turkey, he said.

Karabıyık reminded that in order to prevent learning loss while the epidemic continues, primary school, middle school and high school students are given lessons with TRT-EBA TV instead of face-to-face education, according to the Ministry data, 15.189.878 students in public schools are taken as a basis. He said that 15.79 percent of them, or 2.4 million students, were understood to have no access to EBA. Noting that millions of students still have tablet, computer and internet access problems, Karabıyık said, “It is known that many provinces and districts lack internet infrastructure. In this process, the right to education for children could not be realized. With a cost of approximately 2 billion TL, which is approximately 1.5 percent of the Ministry’s budget, all problems of students who do not have access to EBA could be solved. However, this was not done. It is estimated that the cost of not being able to access education worldwide will be 40 trillion dollars. In this situation there are most vulnerable to receiving countries include Turkey, “he said.

Metropolitan Even in EB without access to thousands of students Karabıyık pointed out that, in the East and South East situation is worse, these figures set by the Ministry of National Education He said that it shows the magnitude of the difficulty in accessing distance education. Sharing the number of access to EBA on a provincial basis, Karabıyık noted that new planning should be made especially for provinces such as Şanlıurfa, Van, Mardin, Ağrı and Şırnak.


349 thousand 380 (55.17 percent) out of 633 thousand 207 students in Şanlıurfa,

66 thousand 837 (46.97 percent) out of 142 thousand 277 students in Ağrı, { 2}

120 thousand 340 (39.36 percent) out of 305 thousand 675 students in Van,

81 thousand 699 (35.75 percent) out of 228 thousand 467 students in Mardin, { 2}

50 thousand 142 (32.78 percent) out of 152 thousand 954 students in Şırnak,

34 thousand 120 (32.28 percent) out of 105 thousand 696 students in Muş, {2 }

21 thousand 818 (30.91 percent) out of 70 thousand 710 students in Hakkari,

46 thousand 773 (30.69 percent) out of 152 thousand 379 students in Adıyaman, {2 }

166 thousand 283 (27.71 percent) out of 600 thousand 75 students in Gaziantep,

74 thousand 155 (16.53 percent) out of 448 thousand 515 students in Diyarbakır, {2 }

Out of 423 thousand 179 students in Hatay, 64 thousand 339 (15.20 percent),

70 thousand 303 (14.08 percent) of 499 thousand 151 students in Adana do not have access to EBA “

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