September 24, 2023
CHPs in Kilis wanted a solution to the problems of tradesmen CHPs in Kilis wanted a solution to the problems of tradesmen

CHPs in Kilis wanted a solution to the problems of tradesmen

CHP Kilis Central District Chairperson Ahmet Geloğlu asked the tradesmen, whose workplaces were closed during the pandemic, to be eliminated because of this. CHP members, who gave place to the proposals of the enterprises and the sector, demanded amnesty for the taxes of the tradesmen who were damaged in the process.

KİLİS (İGFA) – CHP Kilis Central District President Ahmet Geloğlu, He pointed out that restaurants, cafeterias, coffee shops and hairdressers operating in the service sector together with the citizens suffered a great deal, and said that these sectors, whose businesses are still closed, have no strength to endure. Stating that the measures should be taken fairly, Mayor Geloğlu stated that restaurants and cafes should be opened with an effective inspection under all kinds of control and demanded the suggestions of the business owners, which are reflected in the public, for Kilis.

CHP members drawing attention to the suggestions of the businesses, In their explanations, “Restaurants should be opened” with the harshest measures “as soon as possible, those who do not comply with the measures taken should be closed if necessary. Customers should log in to restaurants with the HES code. Priority should be given to food and beverage sector employees in vaccination, risk should be minimized. The rules of hygiene should be applied in the strictest way, and no compromises are allowed here. Pay attention to the social distance between the tables, and punish those who do not obey. ”


The problems of the tradesmen who suffered the most during the pandemic period should be eliminated. CHP Provincial Chairman Ahmet Geloğlu also asked for an amnesty to the tax and SGK premiums of the tradesmen who were closed during the process and to freeze the loans of the tradesmen who used loans and to stop the foreclosures until the normalization process.

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