April 1, 2023
CHP member Öztrak: “There is nobody left to solve problems” CHP member Öztrak: "There is nobody left to solve problems"

CHP member Öztrak: “There is nobody left to solve problems”

“The meeting of the economy delegation with business people” program organized by CHP Nevşehir Province Chairman Kamil Gülmez was held in Nevşehir. CHP Deputy Chairman and Party Spokesperson Faik Öztrak, who participated in the program, said, “There is nobody left to solve problems.”

CHP’s economic staff gathered in Nevşehir. came. CHP Deputy Chairman and Party Spokesperson Faik Öztrak, CHP Nevşehir Deputy Faruk Sarıaslan, Nevşehir Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Arif Fingersiz, Commerce Exchange Chairman İbrahim Salaş, Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers Union Chairman Mehmet Pınarbaşı, CHP Provincial Chairman Kamil Gülmez, Business people, NGO representatives, tradesmen, farmers and MPs from 9 provinces attended the program. I would like to state that we are happy to be and address the business people of Nevşehir. You know, our country is going through very difficult times. We know that the pandemic that started in 2020 created serious problems. However, since 2018, Turkey is constantly spinning. There are huge problems in the economy and public administration. Our nation is faced with a great burhan. ”
Emphasizing that there were no people left to tell and solve problems, Öztrak said,“ He would solve it when he told the department manager before. Now even the Minister has no say. The freak order called the Presidency turned everything upside down. In our country, the President is a system that embraces the whole society. Unfortunately, this became a deficit and not everyone was embraced. Even in the judiciary, lack of competence has emerged, ”he said. Referring to the problems of farmers, Öztrak said that neither farming, nor animal husbandry can be done with current figures.
After the speeches, the question and answer part started, business people from Nevşehir conveyed their questions to the CHP delegation. After a very productive meeting, the delegation met with tourism professionals at a Dinler Hotel in Ürgüp. {2nd}

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