April 1, 2023
Children in Idlib laugh with Erzincan Children in Idlib laugh with Erzincan

Children in Idlib laugh with Erzincan

Volunteer youth members of Erzincan Youth Center make toys in order to make children smile in Idlib.

ERZİNCAN (İGFA) – Volunteer youth volunteering within the Youth Center affiliated with Erzincan Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate, Syria ‘ They make rabbits out of socks, rabbits and cardboard cups in order to make the faces of children living in Idlib. The toys made will be sent to the children in Idlib.

Young volunteers who are members of the Youth Center will prepare handcrafted toys that they learn by the trainers in the handicraft workshop and prepare with waste materials in their homes.

Erzincan Youth Center Volunteer Hacer Türkeri said that children were most affected by the events in Idlib, Syria, saying, “Unfortunately. While they should have fun, play with babies, they live with bombs and gunfire. We wanted to make them smile by making various toys with our own hand labor. I hope we can have a smile on their faces. ”

Erzincan Youth Center Volunteer Hünsa Nur Yamak said that children in Idlib are doing as little babies and handicrafts as they can to create a small smile on their faces.

{ 1} Another volunteer of the Youth Center, Zeynep Ünlü, stated that they wanted to deliver the plays they made to them as soon as possible.

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