May 29, 2023
Century-old profession “feet” slipping from under Century-old profession "feet" slipping from under

Century-old profession “feet” slipping from under

52-year-old Veysi Bilgici, who has been working as a shoe repairer in Mardin for 40 years, stated that the shoe repairer is slowly disappearing.

MARDİN (IGFA) – 12 years old as an apprentice with his father. Veysi Bilgici, who started working as a shoe repairman for two generations after her father passed away, said that they could not find apprentices to teach this profession.

Stating that the current young people do not want to do this profession, Bilgici said, “I started as an apprentice with my father at the age of 12. I have been doing this profession for 40 years continuously. If we go, there will be nobody left to do this job. I cannot find an apprentice to teach this job. Young people don’t want to do this job. My kids don’t want to do this job. Things used to be very good. We were making money. I have 5 children, I try to teach all of them. I am trying to get my 2 children to study at university ”said

Bilgici explained that as a result of the economic power of the citizen who started to repair the old shoes instead of buying new shoes in recent months,“ It would not be a lie to say that the economic crisis did not affect us. Our business was the same before the crisis, and it continues at the same rate after the crisis. Maybe we are experiencing this situation because we do shoe repairs. Instead of buying new shoes, people continue to have their old shoes repaired and wear them. “He spoke as


Citizens in Mardin, whose purchasing power decreased and who suffered from economic difficulties, increased the costs with the arrival of the winter season. Bilgici noted that he was buying boots, “The prices of new shoes are very high. 2nd . hand started to turn to shoes. In my workplace, I started selling second-hand shoes that I brought from Istanbul. Citizens come here and try to buy 2 hands of shoes. Citizens can buy any brand of shoes they want at an affordable price. ”

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