September 27, 2023
Call from Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce to the Banks Association Call from Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce to the Banks Association

Call from Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce to the Banks Association

KOTO Chairman Necmi Bulut stated that they expect urgent regulatory decisions from the Banks Association regarding the business and transactions of the banks that are exempt from the ‘Total Closure Decisions.

KOCAELİ (İGFA) – With the statement made after the Presidential Cabinet meeting, the ‘Total Closure Decision’ was taken between April 29, 2021 and May 17, 2021. While the details of the complete closure were revealed with the Circular of the Ministry of Interior, it was decided to close all businesses except for production, manufacturing, supply and logistics chains, health, agriculture and forestry activities. However, ‘branches and employees of banks, which will serve with a limited number of branches and personnel to be determined by the bank administrations between 10.00-16.00 hours’, were exempted from the decision.
Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce Chairman Bulut, a tradesman and merchant was completely closed. He said there was an urgent need to regulate banking activities during the period. Stating that banks see the need for regulatory decisions regarding commercial receivables and loan payment transactions, Bulut said, “Because the difficulties that business people who are not exempt from full closure may experience in reaching the banks and the resource demands of exempt enterprises are disturbing the city economy. For this reason, during the 17-day full closing period; Existing loans and credit card payments should be postponed for a period, and plans should be made regarding checks and trade receivables that will not victimize both the debtor and the creditor. In addition, we think that the rent, tax and SGK payments should also be postponed.

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