December 6, 2023
Call for ‘additional support’ from the BTSO to the government Call for 'additional support' from the BTSO to the government

Call for ‘additional support’ from the BTSO to the government

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) President İbrahim Burkay stated that they expect new support as the business world after the ‘complete closure’ decision taken within the scope of coronavirus measures.

BURSA (İGFA) – {5 } Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) April Assembly Meeting was held online. BTSO President İbrahim Burkay stated that they delivered the food packages prepared with the contributions of TOBB as well as charitable business people to the needy in Ramadan, and thanked the business people who supported the solidarity and solidarity campaign.
Since the first day of the pandemic, the demands of the companies and Stating that they are working hard to find solutions to the problems of the sectors, President Burkay said, “The short-time work allowance, which we have brought to the agenda recently, will also be applied in April, May and June to cover all sectors. With this practice, which is the lifeblood for our businesses that protected employment during the pandemic period, it is also very important for the dynamics of the economy that the VAT cuts in the tourism sector, which will expire in May, will continue until the end of June. ”

Chairman Burkay recalled the 17-day full closure decision that will last until the end of the holiday and said,“ The economic problems of our sectors that have to suspend or limit their services together with the full closure will deepen. Additional support needs to be mobilized quickly so that we can maintain social welfare and maintain a healthy business life. In this context, I would like to repeat our call to provide cash grant support instead of low-cost loans to businesses whose activities, especially in the food and beverage services and retail sector, have been suspended and whose income has disappeared completely.


Stating that they demand that the short-time work allowance that protects businesses and employees from the destructive effects of the pandemic continue until the end of the year, Chairman Burkay said, We expect the necessary support mechanisms to be activated for our chamber member businesses, which are deprived of support for access to credit and finance. High increase in raw material prices and delayed shipments in the absence of containers increase the costs of our companies. We expect government support against the increase in container and freight costs of our exporters. As the business world, while struggling with the heavy burden of pandemic conditions, we demand that the 5-point increase in corporate tax, which is a new obstacle for our investors, be reconsidered ”.


Passing the draft law prepared by the Arbitration and Mediation Center on the planned lease arrangement for businesses that have been closed due to the pandemic. Stating that they submitted this year to the Ministry of Justice, Burkay said, “Dividing the force majeure burden between the parties in terms of rent payments of our enterprises that are closed within the scope of epidemic measures and which are limited; We believe that a system where the tenant, tenant and the state will receive the same share will be the most reasonable solution for all parties. Expressing that very important works have been carried out to add value to the city and the country’s economy thanks to the solidarity and solidarity, he thanked the members of the board of directors and council.

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