May 29, 2023
Bursaspor former President Ali Ay: Hodri Meydan Bursaspor former President Ali Ay: Hodri Meydan

Bursaspor former President Ali Ay: Hodri Meydan

Ali Ay, one of the former presidents of Bursaspor, made a statement before the trial to be held on January 19.

Ali Ay, one of the ex-presidents of Bursaspor, made a written statement: “Recently, both the written and visual media and After the statements about myself on social media, the obligation to make this statement and to inform the public was inevitable by me.

” Turkey’s largest city club ‘developments in our Bursasporu which I follow closely.

First of all, I would like to congratulate our young cast and technical delegation for their struggle on the field this season despite all the negativities, and I would like to express my belief that this fight will continue in the second half of the league. I would like to thank everyone who contributed, especially our manager friends, who made great efforts in the process of winning these children, who we are proud of with the spirit of Bursasporism in the field.

Everyone knows that our club is going through a difficult process, and this process can only be overcome with unity and solidarity. I pointed out this unity and solidarity in the city at every opportunity during my duty as the President of Bursaspor Club, which I carried with honor and pride.

Unfortunately, both the process I was in and the process after that showed that ” slander, which was fed with ” gossip and chaos ” Some segments that make a habit of living with ” continue to display their skills in adding lies to their lies and discrediting them every day.

Recently, rumors started to be produced that the payments made to the club went to the assignments put by me. These kinds of lies, which are just “to discredit Ali Ay and his administration,” are only aimed at saving the day and changing the agenda by certain people.

After my tenure, I did not receive even 1 lira from Bursaspor Club through alleged allegations or any other means. On the contrary, I continued to do whatever I could to help at every opportunity. In fact, I provided all the necessary assistance to the previous administration so that they could use the money from their club accounts.

Until now, I chose to remain silent only to avoid negative atmosphere on the club. However, the process has shown again that the more silence it has, the louder the lies and slander.

First of all, during my 3.5-year tenure, I can clearly state that “I have never been wrong to sweat in the interests of Bursaspor” I have repeatedly expressed this.

Unfortunately, I could not achieve the desired success in terms of sports. However, in order to ensure the financial sustainability of Bursaspor, I did not give up struggling and giving financial support at the expense of putting my own business at risk.

Although I am the president who provided the most financial support in the history of Bursaspor, I was subjected to lies and slanders only because of sportive failure. During my tenure, I had my club accounts audited by independent auditing companies 3 times. In addition, we worked shoulder to shoulder with the independent supervisory board elected at the general assembly. We shared with them every document and information they requested. The necessary information was presented to our members by them at each financial general assembly. These documents and documents are available in the club.

In such a transparent environment, someone can still speak maliciously and continue their lies and slander without mercy. I easily gave answers to all questions about the unfounded allegations about our period. I can also easily answer any questions that may be asked about this. I do not have an account that cannot be given to anyone.

Time is not a period of creating an artificial agenda with lies and slanders and putting people without guilt under suspicion. The time should be a period to support this young staff and technical delegation, to create opportunities to pay their salaries and premiums on time and to struggle to move the team to the Super League it deserves. In this process, I would like it to be known to the public that if I have a duty as Ali Ay, I will be happy to do it. ”

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