May 29, 2023
Bursa targets $ 1 million agricultural export Bursa targets $ 1 million agricultural export

Bursa targets $ 1 million agricultural export

The subsidiary of the Metropolitan Municipality, Tarım A.Ş., which brings together high value-added products with Bursa farmers, announced its export target of $ 1 million for 2021.

Supply of high-yielding animal breeds with the aim of ensuring rural development in Bursa Supporting farmers in every field, especially sapling and seed distribution, equipment support, Metropolitan Municipality, Tarım A.Ş.

Continuing its 5 multinational European Union projects in the field of Agriculture and Food, Tarım A.Ş. is bringing high value-added products such as blueberries, raspberries, aronia, gojiberry and lavender together with farmers in Bursa. . Providing high-yielding seedlings and saplings to producers, Tarım A.Ş. subsidizes half of the sapling costs and allows farmers to pay the remaining half from harvest to harvest with a one-year grace period and 3-year maturity.

Tarım A.Ş., which constantly raises the bar. ., While aiming to bring 5000 decares of land the size of 700 football fields to value-added production in 2023, announced that it made 350 thousand dollars of exports in 2020. Bringing high value-added products to farmers from Bursa, the company announced its export target for 2021 as 1 million dollars. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they will continue to develop and support farmers with new varieties and different value-added products.

Uludağ Exporters Union, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Food and Feed Control Central Research Institute, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, Carrying out its activities in coordination with all stakeholders including exporters and producers, Tarım A.Ş. purchases products such as black fig, pear, quince, chestnut, strawberry, kiwi, paradise date, pomegranate and pepper from the producer with balanced price policies, and provides an element of balance before the consumer.

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