December 5, 2023
Bursa School of Medicine is an example to Turkey Bursa School of Medicine is an example to Turkey

Bursa School of Medicine is an example to Turkey

Bursa Uludag University (BuLi) was established in the Faculty of Medicine and first in Turkey “Good Medical Practice and Simulation Center” has become a model in the field of medical education. Many medical faculties are establishing their own Simulation Center by taking the BUU Simulation Center, which was established with high technology and infrastructure as an example.

BURSA (IGFA) – Bursa UÜ Faculty of Medicine, which has implemented a new project, -Ge unit is preparing to meet its own needs and deliver the patented products of the university to other universities by producing models imported from abroad at high costs and used in medical education.
At the same time, Bursa Uludağ University, which coordinates BUÜ “Good Medicine Practices and Simulation Center Professor of Medical Education Department. Dr. Züleyha Alper and Dr. Okan Aydın explained the establishment process of the center, the stage it reached and its future goals. Stating that the pandemic also affected medical education, Dr. Okan Aydın said that they lived through a painful experience how quickly all traditional methods can change with an epidemic. Dr. Aydın said that faculties with ready infrastructure can react very quickly to this process, while faculties with insufficient technical or human resources underwent this process in a serious crisis.
Prof. Dr. Züleyha Alper stated that they are already among the innovative faculties and that having a Simulation Center affected them positively. Emphasizing that they are trying to use their facilities as much as possible, Alper stated that there are many medical faculties that do not have infrastructure and that there are still faculties with insufficient number of faculty members. Saying that they quickly adapted the lessons to distance education, Alper stated that they tried to do it by dividing the students into small groups in the practical part, and they had to quit these trainings after the government decided to restrict them. Alper noted that the education of 4th grade students continues in clinical training.
On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Züleyha Alper also gave information about Good Medical Practices and Simulation Center within the Faculty of Medicine. Noting that they established an R&D unit within Bursa Uludağ University, Prof. Dr. Okan Aydın said, “The pandemic caused a little interruption, but we are stubborn about it. Bursa Uludag University patented the future, perhaps, used in medical education, we can make the production of models and started selling them to other medical faculties in Turkey with Bursa Uludag University brand. This could become an important source of income for the university, ”he said.

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