September 27, 2023
Bursa chestnut producers set their eyes on the EU Bursa chestnut producers set their eyes on the EU

Bursa chestnut producers set their eyes on the EU

Firms producing chestnut sugar in Bursa paid a thank you visit to the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) for their contribution to Bursa chestnut sugar gaining geographical indication.

BURSA (İGFA) – { 4} BTSO Board Chairman İbrahim Burkay hosted chestnut sugar producers in the Chamber Service Building. Mayor Burkay said that they are continuing to work to get geographical indication registration for Bursa-specific products. Noting that the geographical indication studies are continuing for the walnut delight, cantık, tahini pide, doner kebab, milk halva and grape must, Burkay stated that Bursa Chestnut Candy was first approved by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Chairman Burkay said, “Chestnut candy is a product identified with our Bursa. In line with the demands of our sector representatives, we experienced a good development in Bursa chestnut sugar. Obtaining a geographical indication for chestnut sugar from the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office will make a great contribution to the protection of the product. We will start working to get geographical indication from the European Union in the near future. ”


General Manager of İlka Confectionery and BTSO 27. Mümin Akgün, Vice President of the Professional Committee, stated that the chestnut sugar geographical indication application process started 3 years ago. Noting that there are nearly 40 chestnut sugar producers in Bursa, Akgün said, “The units of color, smell, taste and quality in Bursa chestnut sugar were meticulously determined. Our goal is to obtain registration for Bursa Chestnut Candy from the European Union. ”


Bursa Çakın Food Manager Yahya Çakın to sign stating that the sector take a very good development, “now it began to be made in chestnut production in different regions of Turkey. Chestnut sugar had to be registered. Bursa has an important production potential in chestnut sugar. I hope this development will increase the production capacity in the sector even more. ”


Çağatay Dağlı, one of the managers of Mountain Chestnut Sugar, said Bursa’s chestnut from the past to the present.

İnci İnhal, from Kafkas Kestane Sugar Company, stated that the registration of Bursa Chestnut Sugar is a great opportunity for the sector, and noted that chestnut sugar could become an important brand in the world with the completion of the European Union geographical sign registration studies. Also attending the visit were BTSO Board Member Aytuğ Onur and BTSO Food, Agriculture and Livestock Council President Burhan Sayılgan.

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