December 5, 2023
Boğaziçi support from Sivas Cumhuriyet University Boğaziçi support from Sivas Cumhuriyet University

Boğaziçi support from Sivas Cumhuriyet University

Another reaction to the events in Boğaziçi University, which has not been on the agenda recently, came from the Cumhuriyet University Senate.

SİVAS (İGFA) – Sivas Cumhuriyet University held its third senate meeting in 2021. The events related to the appointment of the rector at Boğaziçi University were also included in the meeting. The Senate decision to publicize the University of the Republic, the government response to the events that attempted removal with dark intentions and the nation’s beside the point Turkey achieve its objectives with determination they will continue to walk, he said.

University of the Republic in the decision taken at the senate meeting was given to the following expressions. “Universities are institutions where science is produced and transferred, as well as where different ideas are hosted and discussed. Unfortunately, we see that there are those who want to realize their treacherous and dirty ambitions towards our country through universities and students today, as in the past. It is clearly seen that the incidents initiated at Boğaziçi University with the excuse of opposing the appointment of the rector have turned into insulting the beliefs of our nation, the unity of our state and our President, who represents our state. Bogazici University Rector assignments made to the constitution in line with our assignments as earlier rector Grand National Assembly of Turkey took place in the framework of the powers conferred by the laws passed by the will of our President. Of course, the disturbances felt by some circles due to this appointment can be protested in a democratic way. However, the protests in question exceeded their intended purpose, and, just like in the Gezi Uprising, they have turned to disrupt the environment of peace and peace in our country by groups affiliated with terrorist organizations. “

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