April 2, 2023
Batman Sason Strawberry received ‘geographical indication’ Batman Sason Strawberry received 'geographical indication'

Batman Sason Strawberry received ‘geographical indication’

The first geographically marked product of the agricultural city Batman was Sason Strawberry. The registration, which will provide economic gain for the promotion of Batman and the development of eco tourism, will also contribute to the increase in strawberry production.

BATMAN (İGFA) – Under the leadership of Batman Chamber of Commerce, the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and DİKA The studies initiated to determine the signs have been positive. Sason Çileği, which is among the 4 products determined in the region, was registered by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

Asst. Assoc. Dr. As a result of the strawberry and soil analyzes conducted by Ebru Sakar, the fact that the red pigment, which indicates the vitamin C value, is high, and that it can be used as dried fruit juice, was effective in the registration of Sason Strawberry.


The registration of Sason Strawberry, which competes with Zivzik Narı, Faraşin Honey and Deik Olive among geographical indication products in the region, was welcomed by the producers. Strawberry growers from Sason thanked Agricultural Engineer Nilgün Tan and all the officials who contributed for their efforts.

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