May 31, 2023
Batman Petrolspor’s new coach has been announced Batman Petrolspor's new coach has been announced

Batman Petrolspor’s new coach has been announced

Batman Petrolspor’s coach, Hakan Hayati Karaca, signed an agreement with Bülent Demirkanlı, who runs Gümüşhanespor, for the coaching position.

BATMAN (İGFA) – Previously, Kemerspor, Artvin Hopaspor, Araklıspor, Ünyespor, Ankara Demir, Kırıkhanspor, Diyarbekirspor, Bayrampaşaspor, Denizli Sarayköy, Tepecikspor, Istanbulspor, Hekimoğlu Trabzon, Bayburt Provincial Private Administration Genclikspor, lastly 63-year-old Bülent Demirkanlı, who worked at the head of Gümüşhanespor, agreed with Batman Petrolspor.


Bülent Demirkanlı, who took Bayrampaşaspor to the 2nd League in the 2011-2012 season, is the city where Petrolspor was born in the 2018-2019 season. Team Hekimoğlu managed to move Trabzon to the 2nd League.

Bülent Demirkanlı, who played 279 games at the head of the teams he worked in his career as a manager for 14 seasons, left the field with 116 victories, 72 draws and 91 defeats and lost 42%. win percentage

Demirkanlı will be at the head of the team in the first match in the second half of the league to be played with Erbaaspor in Batman, if official signatures are signed.

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