May 31, 2023
Basement classes abolished in Bursa Yıldırım Basement classes abolished in Bursa Yıldırım

Basement classes abolished in Bursa Yıldırım

The basement classes that were on the agenda in Yıldırım Municipality Secondary School in Bursa were removed with the support of Yıldırım Municipality. While 4 classrooms are built for the school by the Directorate of National Education, Yıldırım Municipality will complete the missing classes.

BURSA (İGFA) – Yıldırım Municipality continues to support education in the district. With the transition to the 4 plus 4 system in education, the Martyr Gendarmerie Private Selahattin Çırak Primary School in Şirinevler was transformed into a primary school, and the middle school students who were left open were directed to the schools they could go to.

Yıldırım Mayor Oktay Yılmaz stepped in to find a solution when the basement classrooms in Yıldırım Municipality Secondary School, which caused the reaction of the parents, came to the fore. In the interviews, the classrooms in the basement were removed. He evacuated the Science Center, run by a company on the top floor of the building, as the contract was filled. Instead, the Directorate of National Education held 4 classes. The number of classrooms increased to 22 in the school where 798 enrolled students study. At Yıldırım Municipal Secondary School, 150 children will no longer study in the basement classes. Yıldırım Municipality will also complete the missing classes. The municipality will also collect the garbage piled in the backyard of the school.

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