April 2, 2023
Aydın tradesmen are hopeful for March 1 Aydın tradesmen are hopeful for March 1

Aydın tradesmen are hopeful for March 1

AYESOB President Selahittin Çetindoğan called out to the Aydıns, emphasizing that the tradesmen from Aydın are waiting for the normalization process with hope.


{1 Regarding the normalization process within the scope of combating COVID-19, Aydın Union of Craftsmen and Craftsmen Association (AYESOB) President Selahittin Çetindoğan called for the number of cases throughout the province to be minimized, drawing attention to the hope of the tradesmen. Reminding that provinces will be classified as low, medium, high and very high risk groups according to the number of cases, Mayor Çetindoğan said in his evaluation regarding the normalization process expected to start as of March 1, tradesmen who have been closed for months are waiting with hope.

Even producing during the pandemic process. Emphasizing that he was missed, President Çetindoğan said, “Our tradesmen have been waiting for March 1 with hope since the day President Erdoğan made a statement. Tradesmen, who have not been able to open their workplaces for months, are constantly expressing this in a difficult situation and we will continue to do so as long as the shutters are not opened ”. Saying, “We have not only experienced financial difficulties in the past year but we even missed producing,” Çetindoğan said, “The provinces will gradually begin the normalization process. If we, as the people of Aydın, take the precautions more tightly than ever in this process, we can contribute to the smiling faces of the tradesmen on 1 March. Please pay attention to social distance, mask and hygiene rules. Let’s reduce the number of cases in Aydın to a minimum ”.

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