December 5, 2023
Aydın stayed behind, Aksaray stepped on the gas Aydın stayed behind, Aksaray stepped on the gas

Aydın stayed behind, Aksaray stepped on the gas

‘Economy of Turkey Speaks titled’ online Speaking at the event Aydın Chamber of Commerce President Hakan country, he is unable to receive the support of the city ‘is left alone while expressing Aksaray Commerce and Industry Chamber Chairman Cuneyt B. Meteors The city’ investments junction ‘would be expressed. { 2}

AKSARAY (İGFA) – Members of the Association of Business Journalists continue to keep the pulse of the economy of the cities by listening to the heads of professional chambers. Aydın Chamber of Commerce President Hakan country over the last 25 years, the city of did not receive sufficient investment from the public, Aksaray Commerce and Industry Chamber Chairman Cuneyt B. Meteors attractive investment advantage of the said town of will continue to be a favorite brand companies offer.

‘Economy of Turkey Speaks entitled’ Continuing its event broadcasted on the video platform, EGD’s guests this week were Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Cüneyt B. Göktaş and Aydın Chamber of Commerce President Hakan Ülken. Turkey Journalists’ Federation applies the support given by EGD President Celal Toprak and EGD Board Member Mehmet Uluğtürkan of participating in the program moderated by Aydın Chamber of Commerce President Hakan country, has made assessment of the economy of the city.


Aydın TO President Hakan Ülken, who drew attention to Aydın’s high potential in the agriculture, industry, tourism and energy sectors, said, “Aydın, who was in the top 10 in the socioeconomic development tables until the second half of the 1990s, today dropped to 42nd place in per capita income. Aydın could not do this if he wanted to. The necessary public investment was not made in Aydın, which was made out of competition with the incentive application. We have become a city in the Aegean without an airport, fairground, free zone, city hospital and any regional directorate. Our city is left alone by the central government can lokomotiflik sufficient public support alsa Turkey’s economy, “he said.


held in Promoting ‘district-based’ regulation of the economy Stating that he cannot make sufficient contribution, Ülken said, “Aydın benefits from the second district incentives one step further, namely the 3rd region. However, what is correct is that each district is evaluated and classified. It would not be right to consider Aydın’s Kuşadası district and Karacasu district in the same category. When you look at the parameters, Kuşadası 1st and Karacasu 6th region should benefit from incentives. We expect sectoral incentives as well as categorizing district-based incentives.


With chambers and exchanges in the framework of increasing the added value of agricultural products and marketing their value. Explaining that they established a cold storage that derives its energy from the sun together, Ülken said, “We have implemented a project where we will protect our agricultural products, especially figs, and protect our producers without selling them very cheaply during the harvest period. We started to generate more income by spreading the exports of our agricultural food throughout the year. We think the example would be that of Turkey, “he said.


Aksaray Commerce and Industry Chamber Chairman Cuneyt B. Meteors in Turkey in investment When it comes to mind first Stating that they are among the cities coming, “Aksaray, located in the center of north and south, east and west, has a low earthquake risk and correctly evaluated the 5th region incentive advantage. Although we are a region that has risen from 5th to 4th region in incentives with the last arrangement, we continue to be the center of attention of large groups from different sectors. We are bringing sister OIZs to our OIZ in the center. Thus, we will continue to be the city that uses the 6th region incentives with our newly established OIZs.

Emphasizing that Aksaray derives 70 percent of its income from agriculture and animal husbandry, ATSO President Göktaş said, “Milk processing mainly food, The large investments we have made in the textile and automotive sectors have recently grown the Aksaray industry. We are a city that provides meat and milk supply to many big cities, especially Istanbul and Ankara. Our advantage is the crossroads at strengthening through new investments, we aim to contribute more to the economy of Turkey. Turkey and the world have an important say in an apparel brand 4 thousand people have decided to invest in the logistics operation will provide employment in Aksaray. This investment will bring new ones with it. We are moving towards being in Turkey’s investment crossroads, “he said.


, one of Turkey’s youngest province of Aksaray 100 million Explaining that the most important obstacle is the difficulty of reaching Mersin Port, Göktaş said, “Aksaray, an important city of agriculture and industry, has not been able to meet by train yet. We expect the Aksaray-Ulukışla railway project, which is at the tender stage, to be implemented. We know that our export figures will increase rapidly when this project is implemented ”.

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