December 5, 2023
Awareness training from AYDIN ​​AFAD Awareness training from AYDIN ​​AFAD

Awareness training from AYDIN ​​AFAD

Aydın Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate teams provided Disaster Awareness Training to 200 AFAD volunteers.

AFAD Presidency with the order of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu Aydın AFAD teams took action after the disaster training year of 2021 was declared. The teams that started training with private sector and NGOs gave disaster awareness training to 200 AFAD Volunteers in 3 sessions today.


Affiliated to Aydın Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency The number of AFAD Volunteers is increasing day by day. Volunteers trained within the scope of the project initiated by AFAD Presidency last year are getting ready to take part in a possible disaster and emergency. Aydın AFAD, whose number of volunteers and trainings, which is over 500, has become an exemplary province, continues to train its volunteers every day. After the online training held in 3 sessions by the search and rescue personnel of Aydın AFAD, İsmail Ünal, 200 volunteers were informed about the disasters.

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