September 27, 2023
Awareness from animal lovers in Aksaray Awareness from animal lovers in Aksaray

Awareness from animal lovers in Aksaray

While the disadvantages caused by the heavy rain and snowfall in Aksaray continue, animal lovers do not forget the wild animals that have difficulty in finding food in nature.

Mahmut ŞEN (Aksaray Kent News)

In Aksaray, animal lovers who gave their hands to feed the wild animals that were hungry due to the food remaining under the snow, especially after the rains in the high parts, fed the animals by putting food around the regulator with their own means.
therefore animals living in nature were also in a difficult situation. While the animals that could not find food in the snow struggled to survive, three animal lovers put the food they bought with their own means around the regulator.
Musa Eser and Şükrü Sueri and a friend bought 150 pieces of bread from the bakery with the money they collected, and bought pieces of chicken meat from the chicken shop and left them to nature.
Animal lover Musa Eser stated that they wanted to raise awareness in Aksaray and said, “Our animal lovers animals will not die of hunger if they leave a bowl of water and a bowl of food on the streets ”.

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