September 27, 2023
Award to Kayseri Thinking City Magazine from TÜRDEB Award to Kayseri Thinking City Magazine from TÜRDEB

Award to Kayseri Thinking City Magazine from TÜRDEB

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, published in Thinking City Journal site, Turkey Magazine Association (TÜRDEB) by ‘cities’ category was awarded.

including’ design, content, editor, youth, women, children, crime, ‘cover design, magazine friendly newspaper, magazine friendly author, magazine friendly municipality, promising magazine of the year, best breaking magazine of the year’ as well as ‘art, culture, literature, sports, history, science, travel, city’ and similar topics Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality was also deemed worthy of an award in 36 categories in the competition. Turkey and Kayseri ‘doctor of the hearts and the city known as’ doctors Mayor Mamdouh Kayseri led by Büyükkılıç Metropolitan Municipality Thinking City Magazine, as it takes place called’ thought the city and received the award in this category.


Turkey in magazine contest in the first of this year held a total of 36 categories of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Thinking City Journal,’ city ‘by achieving awards in the category He signed on to this issue. The magazine, which covers many topics related to the city, from art to history, from culture to social issues, with qualified and rich publications, referees and advisory boards, including academics, made its mark in the ‘city’ category in the competition held for the first time.


Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç, pointing out the importance of investing in social structure, art and culture as well as infrastructure in municipal work, said, “We act with the awareness of the city that thinks, reads and reads. We contribute to these studies with our periodicals and books of this kind. ”

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