April 2, 2023

Autonomous Atak Electric hits the road

Karsan shared with the public the technical details and technologies of Otonom Atak Electric, the first Level 4 autonomous bus ready for real road conditions in America and Europe.

BURSA (IGFA) – { 4} Autonomous Atak Electric, which can detect its surroundings without the need for a driver, has many LiDAR sensors located in different parts of the vehicle. In addition, many innovative technologies such as advanced radar technology on the front, high-resolution image processing with RGB cameras, extra environmental security thanks to thermal cameras are among the features of Otonom Atak Electric. Autonomous Atak Electric, which can offer all these technologies as Level 4 Autonomous, can act without a driver on a planned route. The vehicle, which can go up to 50 km / h autonomously in all weather conditions, day or night, is made by a bus driver; It carries out all operations without a driver, such as approaching to the stops on the route, managing the getting off-getting-on processes, and providing the management and management of traffic lights at intersections and crossings.

The first Level 4 autonomous bus in America and Europe, ready to use under real road conditions. Autonomous Atak Electric was developed with the studies carried out on Atak Electric, a 100 percent electric model of Karsan in the 8 meter class. In the project carried out by Karsan R&D, cooperation was made with another Turkish technology company ADASTEC.

Underlining that Autonomous Atak Electric offers Level 4 autonomy thanks to its drive-by-wire equipment and special software that processes and directs the information in technological sensors, Karsan CEO Okan Baş said, “Whether it is day or night, it is rainy and snowy. In autonomous driving, it can work on routes up to 50 km / h, regardless of weather conditions. Autonomous Atak Electric, with its features, will be able to dock at stops on the route, carry out the getting-on-boarding processes, and will provide the management and management of traffic lights at intersections and crossings. “We will make traffic smarter and minimize the margin of error. In a short time, we will bring our new 100 percent electric vehicles of 12 and 18 meters to the roads.”

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