September 27, 2023
Automotive, the champion of exports for the 15th time Automotive, the champion of exports for the 15th time

Automotive, the champion of exports for the 15th time

Automotive Industry Association (OSD) announced the data for 2020. In 2020, 25.9 billion dollars worth of exports to the automotive industry, received 15 percent percent share of total exports and 15 years on he holds the championship in exports of our country.

BURSA (IGF A) – Turkey automotive industry Automotive Industry Association (OSD), the umbrella organization of the sector with its 14 leading members, announced the production and export numbers and market data for 2020. In 2020, total production decreased by 11 percent compared to 2019, reaching 1 million 297 thousand 854 units, and automobile production decreased by 13 percent to 855 thousand 43 units. With the production of tractors, total production reached 1 million 335 thousand 957 units.

In this period, December production of the Turkish automotive industry increased by 10 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 149 thousand 614 units, while 92 thousand 300 cars were produced in the same period. was produced. In addition, the capacity utilization rate of the automotive industry in 2020 was 65 percent. On the basis of vehicle group, capacity utilization rates were 66 percent in light vehicles (automobiles + light commercial vehicles), 46 percent in heavy commercial vehicles and 51 percent in tractors.


In 2020, commercial vehicle production shrank by 8 percent compared to the previous year. During this period, the light commercial vehicle group contracted by 9 percent, while the production in the heavy commercial vehicle group increased by 8 percent. Looking at the market, the total commercial vehicle market increased 78 percent, light commercial vehicle market 77 percent and heavy commercial vehicle market 82 percent compared to 2019. Considering the base effect, the commercial vehicle market was 30 percent behind 2017 in 2020. In December alone, the production of commercial vehicles carrying freight and passengers was 57 thousand 314 and tractor production 4 thousand 983.

In 2020, total sales in the automotive market increased by 62 percent compared to 2019, reaching 796,200 units. In the same period, the automobile market increased by 58 percent and reached 610,109 units. Considering the averages of the last 10 years, the total market decreased by 5 percent, the light commercial vehicle market by 20 percent and the heavy commercial vehicle market by 36 percent in 2020. The automobile market, on the other hand, rose 2 percent above the 10-year averages due to the high demand in the domestic market. While the share of domestic vehicles in the automobile market was 41 percent in 2020, the share of domestic vehicles in the light commercial vehicle market was 64 percent. Another remarkable development in this period was the increase of 112 percent in domestic light commercial vehicle sales compared to 2019.


In 2020, automotive exports increased by 2019. Accordingly, it decreased by 27 percent on the basis of units and was realized as 916 thousand 543 units. Automobile exports also decreased by 28 percent to 596,616 units. Tractor exports decreased by 15 percent compared to 2019, amounting to 13 thousand 495 units. Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), according to data made up 15 per cent of the total exports of the automotive industry and continued to export consecutive championship in 15 years. The automotive industry, which realized 15.7 percent of total exports in December, continued to be at the top of the monthly sectoral export ranking.


According to, total automotive exports decreased by 17 percent in dollar terms and 19 percent in euro terms. In 2020, total automotive exports amounted to 25.9 billion dollars, while automobile exports decreased by 22 percent to 9.3 billion dollars. Automobile exports in Euro terms decreased by 23 percent to 8.1 billion Euros. In the same period, in dollar terms, the main industry exports decreased by 20 percent and the supply industry exports decreased by 11 percent.

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