April 2, 2023
Audit visit to Göle TİGEM Audit visit to Göle TİGEM

Audit visit to Göle TİGEM

Ardahan Deputy Orhan Atalay and Serhat Development Agency General Secretary İbrahim Taşdemir visited the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TİGEM) facilities in Ardahan’s Göle district.

ARDAHAN (İGFA) – Ardahan Deputy Orhan Atalay, Secretary General İbrahim Taşdemir, Göle District Governor Haluk Koç, SERKA Industry, Transport and Energy Unit President Ramazan Mutlu Doğaner and Ardahan Investment Support Office Coordinator Nurullah Karaca visited the investment areas in Göle district and received information from the authorities. The delegation visited TIGEM facilities, which have been operating for years in Göle district. Deputy Atalay, who made a statement to the delegation about TİGEM, said that the businesses and lands here were offered from companies such as Koç, Tarko, Mera Tarım.


{ 1} pasture that has continued to agricultural work, Atalay said that Turkey continued negotiations with the big firms. Later, the delegation toured the slaughterhouse that Serhat Development Agency supported financially and still actively operates within TIGEM. The investment areas tour continued in the production area in Göle district where the milk and dairy products are located. The delegation visited the Çalıdere Süt company and received information from the company officials about the production processes and the problems experienced by the dairy companies. Views were exchanged on the establishment of an agriculture-based food and specialized organized industrial zone in the production area where dairy enterprises are located and the establishment of a small industrial site in the region. Finally, the delegation visited the solar power plant belonging to Göle Municipality.

Serhat Development Agency Secretary General İbrahim Taşdemir, in a statement after the visits, stated that the establishment of mass production centers such as the organized industrial zone and small industrial site will strengthen the production chain and this will further and said it will affect backward industries. Taşdemir pointed out that it would be a great advantage to include activities such as bringing electricity, natural gas, water network and sewerage infrastructures to the production areas into the investment program, and stated that investor companies will be more advantageous in terms of the support they will receive.

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