December 6, 2023
‘Attendant’ training for patient relatives in Kocaeli 'Attendant' training for patient relatives in Kocaeli

‘Attendant’ training for patient relatives in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to help our citizens who care for patients who have to spend their lives in bed. “Patient Companion Training” was given to Ayla Döker, who took care of her husband who was bedridden for fourteen years due to a traffic accident she had.

KOCAELİ (İGFA) – Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Health and Social Services Department Health Affairs Branch “Patient Companion Training” is given by experienced training nurses to the attendants of patients who live in bed-dependent due to various illnesses and are in need of care by the personnel of the Directorate. Within the scope of education; Companions are informed about the prevention of bed sores, cleaning needs of the patient, skin care, nutrition and medication use of patients, physical exercises and psychological support.


Truck driver Hozan Döker, 14 He became bedridden as a result of a traffic accident that occurred years ago. At the request of Ayla Hanım, who has been taking care of her husband as a family for years, training was given by the training nurses of the Health Affairs Branch Directorate. Ayla Döker was informed about patient care on many issues such as eye care, oral care, nail cutting, protection from bedsores, nutrition, and daily body cleaning. Back massage technique was taught to cleanse the lungs and allow the patient to breathe more comfortably. Expressing her gratitude for the detailed and applied training, Ayla Hanım thanked Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.

Patient relatives who want to receive companion training can call the Call Center number 153. {2nd}

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