May 31, 2023
Atilla Ödünç met with women in BALKANTÜRKSİAD Atilla Ödünç met with women in BALKANTÜRKSİAD

Atilla Ödünç met with women in BALKANTÜRKSİAD

AK Party Bursa deputy, Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee and Member of the Turkey-Zambia Parliamentary Chairman of the Friendship Group Atilla loan, the Balkan Rumeli Industrialists and Business People Association (BALKANTÜRKSİAD) met the female members of the association building, listened to their problems in the sector.

{ 1} BURSA (İGFA) – BALKANTÜRKSİAD President Berat Tunakan, who worked to find solutions to the problems faced by its members during the pandemic period and to increase the synergy among its members, and the association management brought AK Party Bursa Deputy Atilla Ödünç together with women members. Members had the chance to convey their sectoral problems they experienced during the pandemic period to Deputy Borrower.

At the meeting held at the BALKANTÜRKSİAD Association building; AK Party Bursa Deputy Atilla Ödünç, Chairman of the Board Berat Tunakan, Deputy Chairmen of the Board Fatih Şakir and Süleyman İnan, Board Members Seçil Bulcan Ülküt, Dilara Arslan, Makbule Çetin, BALNET 3 President Derya Bulut, BALNET 2 Coordinator Emel Pekcan, BALNET 2 member craving Kocacıkl and BALNET 1 members found Ayse loan ready.

listened to the problems of women members at the meeting and notes the AK Party Bursa deputy Atilla loan, in Turkey as well as all over the world also said that more affected some sectors of the pandemic, business


MINIA BALKANTÜRK AK Party Deputy of Bursa, who noted that the Open Air Museum was a dream. Borrowed, “MINIA BALKANTÜRK Open Air Museum was originally a dream. We told and explained it to the President of Turks Abroad and Related Communities. It was a dream we believed in, so we made them believe. ”


BALKANTÜRKSİAD Chairman Berat Tunakan said the number of female members was 70 ‘. He said that despite the pandemic, 40 new members have been added to the association and that they are becoming a bigger family.

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