May 31, 2023
Astroturf from Döktaş to Örnekköy Astroturf from Döktaş to Örnekköy

Astroturf from Döktaş to Örnekköy

Döktaş Dökümcülük A.Ş., one of the largest industrial enterprises of Orhangazi. A new astro pitch will be built in the Örnekköy neighborhood. Örnekköy Mukhtar Ismail also said that he would no Cute Döktas factory also donated computers to 30 villages.

Orhangazi and Turkey, which is the largest producer of cast Doktas Casting Inc. It will build an astro pitch in the Örnekköy neighborhood. The factory management decided to build a new astro pitch in Örnekköy as a result of the negotiations between the headman of the Örnekköy neighborhood İsmail Şirin, who has been holding talks with the Döktaş executives for a while.

The new carpet field to be built in Örnekköy will be built in the area where the old football field is located. Döktaş will start the construction of the carpet field on Thursday. Village Headman İsmail Şirin thanked Döktaş managers for their contribution to the village. Muhtar Şirin also underlined that Döktaş administration will donate 30 computers to the village.

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