December 5, 2023
Archived 13 thousand tapes in 45 years Archived 13 thousand tapes in 45 years

Archived 13 thousand tapes in 45 years

While archiving the cassettes of many famous artists such as Zeki Müren, Orhan Gencebay, Barış Manço in the shop of Ethem Aksan, who has been a record and cassette player for 45 years in Mardin, he stated that the artists who came to his shop were surprised by saying “We don’t even have these.

MARDİN (İGFA) – Ethem Aksan (63), the father of 4 children living in Mardin, has been making a living by making records and tape recorders for 45 years. In the workplace, which is an archive, there are records and cassettes of Zeki Müren, Selami Şahin, Orhan Gencebay, Barış Manço, Cem Karaca, Ruhi Su, Bülent Ortaçgil, Ahmet Kaya, Fikret Kızılok and Neşe Karaböcek, as well as many veteran vocal artists. Stating that he archived about 13 thousand records and tapes, Aksan stated that he earned very well especially from the sales of cassettes between 1980 and 1990. Stating that he is making a loss every month, Aksan said, “I pay my rent out of my pocket. My past is preserving the gains of the works of our singers have cost Turkey, cherishes their memory. I do not know how long this will continue. ”


“ Aksan explains that he is also friends with many vocal artists and that the artists who come to Mardin come to him. “They get the tapes that they don’t have from me. However, at the point reached, I could not even get the rent money. It would not be a lie if I said I was alone in Mardin. Selami Şahin, Mustafa Keser, and Güler Işık bought the tapes that they did not own but I had. All three of them call often and ask me to remember my condition. I want to maintain the collection, “he said.

İLHAN İREM heals with SES

” at the shop 13 thousand cassettes and Accent noted that plaque, “even the rent of shops and warehouses am paying the money I earned in the past and just because Turkey ‘ I continue my profession in order to keep alive the memories of the vocal artists who have become famous. There are those who come to Mardin from America and France privately and demand the works of many artists. The old artists are not the ones who come out with their money like the present ones. These were artists who read with their tone of voice, throat, brain, but now it’s gone. See why Orhan Gencebay’s works have not been forgotten for years. It has performance and note. The person who knows what he is doing is still rested not with his money but with the compositions he made with his brain and emotions. The late Zeki Müren was forgotten. I researched İlhan İrem on the internet. They treat many patients with İlhan İrem’s voice. I stop just to keep their past alive. ”

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