December 5, 2023
“Archaeological excavations should begin in Mardin” "Archaeological excavations should begin in Mardin"

“Archaeological excavations should begin in Mardin”

Dara ruins in Mardin, Dargeçit bead field, Gırnavaz mound, the place of Nusaybin djinns, and the archaeological excavations in Mardin castle caused reactions. Citizens wanted the authorities to take action as soon as possible and start archaeological excavations in Mardin.

MARDIN (IGFA) – Citizens in Mardin called the authorities to unearth the historical sites. Archaeological excavations at Dara ruins, Gargeçit bead field, Gırnavaz Mound, the place of Nusaybin djinns, and Mardin Castle were criticized by saying, “Mardin has no time to wait another 100 years for the hidden history to be brought to light.”

Mardin offers a magical atmosphere to its visitors with its narrow streets, houses where stone is embroidered like needlework and historical buildings, which have hosted dozens of civilizations such as Sumer, Akkadian, Babylon, Hittite, Assyrian, Urartu, Roman, Abbasi, Seljuk and Ottoman throughout history.

As it will be remembered, the excavations carried out to bring the 1,200 meters high castle, which is one of the greatest civilization works of the Artuklu period, which is estimated to have been built by the Hamdanis in the 10th century in Mardin, as an archaeological site, does not make progress. 2}

The 11,300-year-old beaded field that emerged in Dargeçit district excited archaeologists and historians. Despite this, the excavations are not carried out as desired due to insufficient funds.

The Gırnavaz Mound, the Jinn Hill, is the place where the jinn who were the first Muslims, even mentioned in the Qur’an, stayed since 1991. As a result of archaeological excavations and researches that started in 1932 and continued until 1991 at the Gırnavaz archaeological site, it was revealed that Gırnavaz was a permanent settlement area from 4000 BC to the 7th century BC.

20 years ago, the city was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in Mardin, which has hosted 32 civilizations in history.

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