December 5, 2023
Aksaray Governor Aydoğdu’s work in Ortaköy Aksaray Governor Aydoğdu's work in Ortaköy

Aksaray Governor Aydoğdu’s work in Ortaköy

Aksaray Governor Hamza Aydoğdu also held openings for education in Ortaköy, where he went to hold various contacts.

Aksaray Governor Hamza Aydoğdu started his work in Ortaköy district. Governor Aydoğdu, who also opened the service buildings for education within the Ortaköy District Governorship during the district visit accompanied by the department chiefs and press members, received a briefing from the District Governor Rasim Belge during his visit to the Ortaköy District Governorship. Governor Aydoğdu, who also attended the opening of the Social Service Center Directorate, said that services to needy citizens will be provided faster thanks to the new center.

Later, Governor Aydoğdu, who was informed by Mayor Ali Rıza Özdemir by visiting the Millet Garden under construction in the district, made a speech at the opening of Painting, Music, Sports, Therapy Classes and Art Street within Ortaköy Süleyman Kılıç Secondary School. Stating that Ortaköy carries the spirit of unity, sincerity and success, Governor Aydoğdu said, “It has become a brand in milk and cheese production. Our aim is that we will go further and tell everyone that we are a brand city. Because his people are fed in their birthplace. They understand and read the age, they understand. We should give all kinds of support to young people on this issue, ”he said.

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