September 27, 2023
AKDS contribution to animals in Aksaray AKDS contribution to animals in Aksaray

AKDS contribution to animals in Aksaray

Aksaray Municipality, saying its Police and its Gendarmerie, and a group of animal lovers started working for the hungry animals and left bread to nature.

Aksaray Emniyet Following the Directorate, the Regiment Command and the Municipality, a group of citizens also took action to help the animals who were left in the distant parts of the city without hunger, water and cold

The scope of the activity, which started with Şükrü Sueri, expanded. The Association of Search and Rescue and Nature Sports also contributed to helping the hungry animals.

Musa Eser and the members of the association provided bread and chicken pieces, regulator and wild animals found in the vicinity of the liming area, which they provided with their own means. left to stray dogs.

The animals quickly consumed the food called feasts.

In Aksaray, the efforts and efforts made in order to prevent the deaths of the animals that cannot find bread, especially in the cold days of winter and snowfall, are pleasing the citizens.

Last year, Aksaray Municipality While the application started to grow like an avalanche this year, Aksaray Search and Rescue and Outdoor Sports Association’s contribution to the process was appreciated.

Musa Eser, one of the officials of the association, said that the Aarama Rescue and Outdoor Sports Association team set the bar one more step.

“We expect this important event as an association to set an example for other associations. Stray animals in nature need us,” said Eser.


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