December 6, 2023
AİMSAD: “It is essential that checks and bills are paid on time” AİMSAD: "It is essential that checks and bills are paid on time"

AİMSAD: “It is essential that checks and bills are paid on time”

After the decision not to initiate legal proceedings if checks with due dates are not paid by the end of May, the Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Association, whose short name is AIMSAD, said that this decision will affect market players negatively.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – {4 } Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Association (AİMSAD) Chairman İsmet Toktaş, is open to all market players due to the decision that legal proceedings cannot be initiated in the event that checks are not paid between 30 April and 31 May on the last day of the submission period. He said it would affect it negatively. Noting that his biggest wish is that the checks are paid on time and commercial activities are not interrupted, Mayor Toktaş said, “Malicious persons may choose to make their payments by 1 June by taking advantage of the rights given by the decision. This will bring new problems. ”

Stating that companies planning to pay with checks to be collected, raw materials, interim payments as well as loan debt, personnel wages, invoices and many other payments do not know how to act due to this decision open to abuse, President Toktaş said. ; “At this point, the state should support companies that cannot pay their checks. It is not the right approach for the creditor to incur a commercial loss in this way. For companies that cannot make the payment of the due check, it would be a much more logical approach for the state to make the payment to the creditor and credit the debtor. Thus, while the party that will make the payment has gained time, the creditor party will not face any loss ”.

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