May 29, 2023
Affordable price statement from PTT Affordable price statement from PTT

Affordable price statement from PTT

In order to stop the increase in food prices, PTT AŞ made a statement regarding the discussions with the announcement of the sale of food products at affordable prices by PttAVM.

ANKARA (İGFA) – PTT AŞ General Manager Hakan Gülten emphasized that PttAVM has been offered to our citizens with an affordable price policy not only today but since its establishment.

In the statement, it was stated that PttAVM has been serving as a platform that provides citizens with the opportunity to purchase products with affordable price policy on for many basic necessities including food for about two years.

PTT AŞ General Manager Hakan Gülten stated that the variety of products offered from PTT AŞ was increased in order to protect our citizens against excessively increasing food prices and said, “We will fulfill our responsibility for our country with the instructions of our President and the support of our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure”.

PTT Inc. General Manager Hakan Gültan statement was used the following phrases: “Turkey’s local and national E-Commerce Platform the needs of our citizens since the first day we were founded as pttavm, we are working very hard on behalf meet at affordable prices and the situation of our country’s economy We accept it as a duty and responsibility to contribute. Especially in order to meet basic food needs, we bring the products of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Turkish Grain Board and Atatürk Forest Farm to our people at discounted prices. We would like to state that we are doing our part today, as it was yesterday, in order to protect our people against rising food prices and we will work with all our efforts in the responsibilities to be given to us.

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