April 1, 2023
Adverse weather conditions in Aksaray Adverse weather conditions in Aksaray

Adverse weather conditions in Aksaray

Highways and Special Provincial Administration teams continue to work on snow removal on intercity, district and village roads while the road is closed in Aksaray due to its type and icing.

AKSARAY (İGFA) – { 4} Aksaray Governor Hamza Aydoğdu supervised the work carried out on the village roads, district and intercity roads due to the type and icing. Governor Aydoğdu, accompanied by Secretary General of Provincial Special Administration Yüksel Çelik, Police Director Murat Kolcu, Gendarmerie Commander Halil Murat Bilgiç, Health Director Kerim Yeşildağ and Disaster and Emergency Manager Cezmi Türkmen with Ankara-Aksaray Highway, Aksaray Ortaköy Highway, and Hasandağı Group connected to the center He made observations on village roads.


Stating that the teams working on the roads continue to work with great devotion due to adverse weather conditions, Governor Hamza Aydoğdu stated that intercity roads are kept open to vehicle traffic in a controlled manner due to the type and icing. told.

Governor Aydoğdu Highways, who stated that they have examined the works carried out on intercity roads, district and village roads on site, offered dessert to the Special Provincial Administration teams.
Governor Aydoğdu, who also offered sweet treats to drivers traveling on the roads opened by the teams, asked the drivers to be careful.

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