September 27, 2023
Abandoned buildings collapse in Aksaray Abandoned buildings collapse in Aksaray

Abandoned buildings collapse in Aksaray

Aksaray Municipality is demolishing abandoned buildings that pose a danger and create a bad image in various parts of the city.

AKSARAY (İGFA) – Aksaray Municipality Urban Design Directorate was abandoned throughout the city, about to collapse, The demolition process was initiated by detecting the buildings that were in danger of fire and collapse. The teams, which carried out demolition operations based on the petitions of the building owners or residents of the neighborhood or the neighborhood headmen, removed abandoned buildings, especially abandoned buildings where substance addicts resided, at the request of property owners or residents due to the discomfort they caused to the environment.

In 2020, 234 buildings Aksaray Municipality, which completed its demolition, demolished 15 of the 21 buildings in the first month of 2021 in a controlled manner. Authorities reported that abandoned buildings that threaten the safety of life and property will be demolished in a controlled manner after obtaining the necessary permits.

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