September 27, 2023
A call for support from the tourism sector A call for support from the tourism sector

A call for support from the tourism sector

TÜRSAB Headquarters Board Member Hasan Eker, who wanted privilege to be given privilege to the tourism sector, which has experienced a decrease of up to 72 percent due to the pandemic, said that a loan mechanism with at least two years of non-refundable and zero interest should be operated.

{ 3} BURSA (IGF a) – Turkey Travel agencies Association (TÜRSAB) Board Member and Burkon Tourism General Manager Hasan Eker, South Marmara organized by the Development Agency and the online actual “Covidien-19 after new trends in tourist preferences, new destination management understanding and the adaptation of businesses to the new era. ”

Speaking at the meeting attended by the sector representatives in Balıkesir and Çanakkale, Hasan Eker, Member of the Board of Directors of TÜRSAB and General Manager of Burkon Tourism, said that the tourism sector was 10 percent of the world economy. He noted that it formed flour and had a trade volume of $ 8.5 trillion

Making statements about the prominent changes in the sector, Eker said, “When we look at the new trends in tourism, we see that close distances are preferred instead of 8-10 hours or air travel. “The congresses have turned into online meetings, and although it does not replace the physically held congresses, we anticipate that online congresses will continue after the pandemic.”

“Instead of the organization in which tourists participated collectively in the past, short-term and luxurious plans for nature tourism, in which individuals or a few families participate, began to be desired” Eker said, “In new hotel investments, the emphasis is on open air areas, especially large places and dining places. Architectural changes are expected as well. During this period, online trips increased. Such publications physically increase the enthusiasm of the participants to visit later on. The flexibility regarding the cancellation right in reservations will increase. The coverage of travel insurance will also change. He said that interest in blue tours and nature tours increased for the coming period ”.

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